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Holistic, compassionate care for adolescents and adults. We offer individual, couples, and group therapy and clinical supervision.            

Our Team
Our Team

Chris Panzica, LCSW

I am a New York City-based psychotherapist available for in person and online therapy. I approach therapy with compassion, care, and dedication. I work actively and collaboratively with my clients.


My treatment orientation incorporates intensive training in:


  • Gestalt Therapy (a holistic, present-centered, and relationship-focused approach)


  • Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy (a movement-based approach)


  • Contemplative Psychotherapy, which integrates mindfulness and compassion practices from Buddhist psychology with contemporary psychotherapy and neuropsychology.


These modalities provide a strong theoretical base and inform how I show up for clients, as a supportive other, invested in their unique experiences, challenges, and inherent worth. 


Adam J Shecter, LMSW, MSEd (he/him)  

I am passionate about working with the LGBTQ+ community. As a former educator, I have extensive experience working with young people and

specialize in issues related to adolescence, young adulthood, coming out, queer identities, perfectionism, self-image, and learning disabilities. My therapeutic practices connect current challenges with personal history, combining cognitive therapy with meditation and mindfulness training.

I believe that holistic therapy integrates the mind and body, the cognitive and the somatic. I also believe that with compassion and curiosity clients can both honor and understand their coping mechanisms. I draw from a variety of techniques, including meditation and mindfulness practices. I believe that the client is a powerful and resourceful agent of change. As a practicing artist and former educator, I draw from the power of creative exploration to gain insight into

our subconscious expressions.


My work draws from elements of art and narrative therapy, CBT, DBT, self-compassion, mindfulness practices, and radical acceptance.


James McManus, LMSW (he/him) 

Hi, I’m James, a NYC-based psychotherapist. As a gay, transgender man, I know what it is like to struggle to find a therapist that understands your experience. I am eager to provide a warm, safe, and engaging space for you to explore what is getting in the way. 


I am especially passionate about working with folks who are just coming out or exploring their gender and sexuality, in addition to working with LGBTQIA+ and HIV-affected survivors of violence. 


My treatment approach is above all else, trauma-informed, and additionally incorporates Gestalt Therapy. I will orient you to the here and now, while helping you to cultivate a deeper level of awareness in order to uncover patterns that are no longer serving you. 


Zachary Barbul, LMSW (he/him) 

I am a NYC-based psychotherapist who is passionate about working with individuals and couples across the full spectrum of human experiences. I am drawn to work with survivors of trauma as well as with individuals experiencing anxiety and depression.

I utilize an integrative, client centered approach while emphasizing the mind body connection. I implement a wide range of therapeutic modalities and believe in tailoring the therapeutic approach by collaboratively defining goals and intentions with each of my clients.

The decision to begin a therapeutic journey is often an act of immense strength and bravery that can, at times, feel overwhelming and daunting. It is, however, a deeply worthy endeavor that can lead to new perspectives and a transformational sense of self once a safe and secure therapeutic alliance is established. I look forward to exploring your therapeutic goals and finding out if we may be a good fit to build that alliance together.

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